Profound new medical research from Professor Angus Dalgleish, MD, FRCP, FRCPA, FRCPath, FMedSci Clinical consultant treating melanoma Heat killed mycobacteria to boost immune system, INM101 Endemic vitamin D in the UK, if this is improved, immunotherapy also improves. 5 – 20 year stable melanoma patient relapsing Melanomas often activated after extreme stress, divorce, bereavement etc. Now seeing more melanoma relapse, but these patients did not have life trauma, but they had been boosted. In the group getting melanoma relapses, they all mentioned they were up to date with covid boosters. Could it be the boosters that were leading to the relapse. After 30 years of vaccine work and research, focus on antibodies is misguided, T cells are more important. Innate T cell activity goes down after age of 55, in your boots by age 70 As innate T cell function goes down cancers increase So, does the decline in innate T cell activity causse’ the increase in cancer Heat killed mycobacterial vaccine boosts this immune response. If you keep giving killed mycobacterium, it does not induce antibodies, just keeps boosting T cells. Also seems to protect against colds and flu by boosting immune response. PD predicted this would be a good front line for covid. At the height of the first wave, none of the patients on mycobacteria vaccine caught covid, eval although they had advanced melanoma. Staff were getting ill, none of the vulnerable patients got sick with covid. In general, if you need to give more than 2 shots of vaccine, it doesn’t work. Vaccines should be given to people with known immune status. If you don’t need a vaccine it will make things worse. You only have a limited capacity in your immune system. If you boost with another vaccine, to harness half of the immune system to make antibodies, to a virus, which no longer exists on the planet. Then you will weaken the immune system. Confirmed by science, after booster you no longer make IgG 1 and 3 neutralising antibodies, you make IgG4 Boosters also suppress the T cell response. T cell response crashes after the booster in cancer patients, not in all but many of these patients. T cells control melanoma, relapses only occurred when there was T cell perturbation. Boosters cause perturbation. (First 11 minutes)