Link for free download of John’s two text books, Campbell’s Pathophysiology Notes, Amazon orders for the UK,… Campbell’s Physiology Notes… Omicron, clinical picture (7th December) Dr Angelique Coetzee, South African Medical Association First to raise alarm about the new omicron… Totally different symptoms Can be easily missed Body aches and pains Muscle pains Headache Tiredness (1 to 2 days) Slight sore throat No severe cough No runny nose Decrease in patients coming to doctors South Africa vaccines Pfizer J and J Hospitalizations, 99% unvaccinated Symptoms more intense in unvaccinated More intense but not severe Body aches and pains Muscle pains Headache Lateral flow testing and Omicron Becomes positive after 24 hours up to 5 days Very accurate Omicron prevalence in SA Ref for graphics (3rd December data)… SGTF has increased from 0.9% in October to 96.3% for November. Children under the age of 12 years accounted for 7.9% of the SGTF positives, and those 13 – 18 years old for 6.1%. For week 47, Hospital data from SA… Live data, hospital patients who have tested positive… Omicron and common cold Omicron has insertion mutation ins214EPE (From the common cold, HCoV-229E coronavirus) Could have been acquired by switching Involving the genomes of other viruses that infect the same host cells as SARS-CoV-2 It is plausible that the Omicron insertion could have evolved in a co-infected individual PFIZER AND BIONTECH PROVIDE UPDATE ON OMICRON VARIANT… Preliminary laboratory studies demonstrate that three doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine neutralize the Omicron variant (B.1.1.529 lineage), while two doses show significantly reduced neutralization titers Data indicate that a third dose of BNT162b2 increases the neutralizing antibody titers by 25-fold compared to two doses against the Omicron variant; titers after the booster dose are comparable to titers observed after two doses against the wild-type virus which are associated with high levels of protection As 80% of epitopes in the spike protein recognized by CD8+ T cells are not affected by the mutations in the Omicron variant, two doses may still induce protection against severe disease The companies continue to advance the development of a variant-specific vaccine for Omicron and expect to have it available by March in the event that an adaption is needed to further increase the level and duration of protection – with no change expected to the companies’ four billion dose capacity for 2022SHOW LESS