The Khazarian Mafia have been changing the history books to conceal their very existence from a world that was made ignorant about the presence of their hidden hand. They moved proverbial mountains to ensure that history was written by them so that the puppet-masters could remain unseen in the shadows. Thus, the people of the world would never know who their controller were, or what they have done.

A prime example of the Khazarian’s handiwork, is the fact that when the United States was most vulnerable, America’s staunchest ally intervened with their navy and saved America from a treachery that would have destroyed her. There would not be a United States of America today if her closest friend, Russia, had not saved their bacon, and yet thanks to the Khazarian’s many Americans think Russia is their enemy and their true enemies are their friends.

The Up is Down and Down is Up Clown-World we are experiencing today, actually started a very long time ago