00:06i’m the developer of linguistic genomics00:08which was the first00:10platform on which you could determine00:12the intent of communication rather than00:14the literal artifact of communication00:16but we’ve also used that technology for00:18a number of other applications00:20in defense and intelligence and finance00:22and most notably00:24in the early 2000s my company was00:26responsible for bringing down00:28what was at the time one of the largest00:30tax frauds in us history00:33we maintained a series of inquiries into00:36every00:37individual every organization and every00:40company00:41that is involved in anything that either00:44blurs the line00:45of biological and chemical weapons or00:48crosses that line00:49in any of 168 countries00:53in 1999 there were a million patents00:57digitized00:58by ibm and those million patents were01:01the first time01:02human innovation had been put into an01:04electronic digital searchable format01:07we took that information and we did a01:10very simple exercise using our01:11linguistic genomics technology01:13i made the horrific assessment that01:16approximately one-third of all patents01:18filed in the united states01:20were functional forgeries meaning that01:23while they had linguistic variations01:25they actually covered the same subject01:27matter01:28in 1999 patents on coronavirus01:33started showing up and thus began01:37the rabbit trail march 200301:41panic grips hong kong as a deadly new01:43virus01:44sweeps through the city in 200301:47the center for disease control saw the01:50possibility of a gold strike01:52and that was the coronavirus outbreak01:54that happened in01:55asia they saw that a virus they knew01:58could be easily manipulated02:00was something that was very valuable and02:02in 2003 they sought to patent it02:05and they made sure that they controlled02:07the proprietary rights02:09to the disease to the virus and to its02:12detection02:13and all of the measurement of it we know02:17that anthony fauci that ralph barrett02:20that the center for disease control02:22and the laundry list of people who02:23wanted to take credit for inventing02:25coronavirus02:27were at the hub of this story02:30from 2003 to 2018 they controlled02:34100 percent of the cash flow that built02:37the empire02:39around the industrial complex of02:41coronavirus the world health02:43organization has officially named the02:45the normal coronary artery02:56well we know that the coronavirus02:58manipulation started with dr ralph03:00barrick in 1999.03:02the major characteristics of sars mers03:04and stars chronovirus too it’s a good03:06way for you ralph barrick is the03:07researcher at the university of north03:08carolina chapel hill who’s famous for03:10his chimeric coronavirus research03:13in 2002 there was a recognition03:16that the coronavirus was seen as an03:19exploitable mechanism03:20for both good and ill on april the 25th03:252003 the u.s center for disease control03:28filed a patent on the coronavirus03:31transmitted to humans03:33under 35 us codes section 10103:38nature is prohibited from being patented03:41either sars coronavirus03:45was manufactured therefore making a03:48patent on it legal03:50or it was natural therefore making a03:53patent on it03:53illegal if it was manufactured03:57it was a violation of biological and04:00chemical weapons04:01treaties and laws if it was natural04:05filing a patent on it was illegal then04:08either04:08outcome both are illegal04:12in the spring of 2007 the cdc04:15filed a petition with the patent office04:18to keep their application04:19confidential and private they actually04:22filed patents on not only the virus but04:24they also filed patents on its detection04:26and a kit to measure it because of that04:29cdc patent04:31they had the ability to control who was04:34authorized and who was not authorized04:36to make independent inquiries into04:39coronavirus04:41you cannot look at the virus you cannot04:43measure it04:44you cannot develop a test kit for it04:47and by ultimately receiving the patents04:49that constrained04:50anyone from using it they had04:53the means they had the motive04:56and most of all they had the monetary04:58gain05:00from turning coronavirus from a pathogen05:04to profit developing and owning05:07a coronavirus vaccine has become a05:10biotech arms race05:12with political overtones this vaccine05:15gold rush is starting to bother me05:17gold rush hmm let’s keep that in mind05:21and so somewhere between 2012 and 201305:26something happened the federal funding05:29for research05:30that was feeding into places like05:33harvard05:35emory university of north carolina05:37chapel hill05:39that funding suddenly became impaired by05:43something that happened at the nih where05:46the nih05:47got this little tiny moment of clarity05:49and said i think something we’re doing05:51is05:52wrong and in 2013 the nih said05:55gain of function research on coronavirus05:58should be suspended06:00the national institutes of health had a06:03moral06:04and social and potentially legal reason06:07to object to research06:09but the letters that were sent to the06:11researchers essentially06:13said you are receiving notice that we’re06:16telling you06:17to stop and now on the bottom of the06:21page we’re going to clarify what stop06:22means06:25keep going but when the heat06:29gets hot in 2014 and 1506:32what do you do you offshore the research06:35you fund the wuhan institute of virology06:38to do the stuff06:39that sounds like it’s getting a little06:41edgy with respect to its morality and06:43legality06:44but do you do it straightway no you run06:47the money through a series of cover06:49organizations06:50to make it look like you’re funding a06:51u.s operation which then06:53subcontracts with the wuhan institute of06:55virology the u.s could say06:57china did it china could say the u.s did07:00it07:00and the cool thing is both of them are07:03almost telling the truthEnglish (auto-generated)