0:18hello my name is Dr Mike yeden probably

0:22know by now that I’m a career research

0:26scientist biologist I’ve worked in the

0:28biopharmaceutical industry for over 30

0:31years um famously a former vice

0:35president at fiser I left in 2011 as

0:39vice president and worldwide head of

0:40respiratory research I was responsible

0:43for everything from idea to clinical

0:46proof of concept in the 10 years after

0:48leaving fisa I’ve worked as an

0:51independent I consulted to 30 biotech

0:54companies I also founded LED and sold my

0:59own biotech

1:00zco and we were written up in a 2017

1:04article in Forbes

1:05Magazine I think it was uh converting

1:08fisa discards into gold and it was

1:12written by a former fisa board member so

1:15three years before this alleged event

1:19started I was very well regarded in the

1:23industry uh I’m going to tell you that

1:26the design of the so-called vaccines was

1:30intentionally to harm people and I’m

1:33going to give you several examples of

1:35that based on my extensive industry

1:38experience of rational drug design not a

1:42single atom or molecule in a synthetic

1:45drug is in there by luck it’s in there

1:48because people chose it to be in there

1:50and they intended certain things to flow

1:53from their choices but just very briefly

1:56you should know I hope there has not

1:59been a

2:00pandemic Dennis ranc Court’s data shows

2:04that the all cause mortality evid data

2:07did not increase at all in the runup to

2:10the Declaration fraen by wh of a

2:13pandemic there is no Public Health

2:15Emergency except that created by our

2:18governments a inappropriate fraudulent

2:22PCR test was used to give people the

2:24impression that they had a particular

2:26disease where they didn’t there were all

2:28the normal diseases

2:30and then what happened was in three

2:32different ways people were treated badly

2:35through change medical procedures that

2:38were imposed above the level of nation

2:40briefly Mass ventilation of people

2:44inappropriately in hospitals that led to

2:46lots of

2:47deaths uh in Care Homes many people were

2:50given sedatives and respirat depressants

2:53which led to their deaths my PhD was

2:55specifically in that area of opiates and

2:58respirat depression and in the community

3:00people were denied life-saving

3:04antibiotics um and died of bacterial

3:06pneumonia there’s your pandemic there is

3:09no other pandemic and based on this

3:13lie we were told that vaccines were

3:16coming our way and would be our savior


3:20things as I say first there’s no

3:22pandemic so you certainly don’t need an

3:24experimental rushed medical intervention

3:27but secondly even if you did as someone

3:30who’s worked in the industry for over 30

3:32years I am telling you it’s absolutely

3:35impossible to invent test clinically

3:39evaluate and

3:41manufacture and then launch on global

3:44scale a complex biomedical products it’s

3:47absolutely impossible it’s not as close

3:50it’s years wrong the fastest record

3:53price of this for six years and friends

3:56of mine who’ve worked all their lives in

3:58manufacturing of complex Lex biological

4:00products tell me the methods development

4:04alone for the development of a

4:06reproducible manufacturing process

4:08itself takes a number of years so

4:11whatever it is you think was done I am

4:14telling you that was not the development

4:17of a proper medical product what I think

4:21happened was uh the advancement of

4:24materials that were

4:26intentionally toxic and then they was

4:29Sketcher Advanced and jammed into

4:31people’s arms often coerced sometimes

4:34even mandated with the unsurprising

4:37effect that millions of people have died

4:41I don’t have time today to explain what

4:44I think they’re going to do in the

4:45future but suffice to say more

4:47injections are coming if we don’t stop

4:50this so like I said I’m skilled in the

4:54Arts of rational drug Discovery so why

4:57am I saying these materials are

5:00intentionally toxic well let me give you

5:02the first example how do you think your

5:05body plays nice with itself but when

5:08it’s infected or detects a cancer it

5:10goes to war and the answer is it

5:13distinguishes self things that are meant

5:16to be inside you from nonself from

5:19foreign things that are not meant to be

5:21inside you and it is trained exquisitly

5:24to detect and attack nonself foreign

5:27things if you inject a person with a

5:31gene that encodes a foreign piece of

5:34protein like a spike protein from a


5:38organism your body will detect that and

5:42every single cell that takes up that

5:45material and expresses foreign protein

5:48will be attacked and killed by your

5:51immune system now if you think that’s

5:54Advanced Immunology let me put you right

5:56it’s in the first chapter distinguishing

5:59self from nonself is one of the fir

6:02foremost lessons of immunology and every

6:05single person involved in in the train

6:09of delivery of these materials to

6:11doctor’s hands knew what I’ve just told

6:14you they will inevitably cause injury

6:18then on top of that it’s not just bad

6:21enough that you’re making a foreign

6:24protein you’re making a specific

6:26material called Spike protein the those

6:29materials are biologically active that

6:33is if you add them to human blood for

6:35example they start to coagulate it

6:38cloths those materials are biological

6:41toxins so now you’ve got a genetic

6:44sequence that forms foreign proteins

6:47that means your body attacks and kills

6:49every cell that does it and if you

6:51should release any of that protein in

6:53your blood it will form blood clots if

6:56it releases it near nerves for example

6:58you will get one or other of several

7:01neurological defects and of course it’s

7:03not just nerves or blood there’s a third

7:07major factor and there are many others

7:09but let me give you the third one these

7:12materials are formulated it’s normal to

7:14formulate drugs these are formulated in

7:18fatty globules called lipid

7:21nanoparticles what they do is disguise

7:24the foreign genetic information so your

7:27body doesn’t see it initially until it

7:28gets inside your cells and it goes all

7:31around your body it will glide through

7:33the cell wall as if it wasn’t there and

7:36that was the entire point of it so that

7:39means these materials don’t just go to

7:41your lymph nodes and they certainly

7:43don’t stay in your arm where they’re

7:44injected they go all around the body

7:47including into your brain and your blood

7:49and every organ in your body but here’s

7:52the thing 10 years ago there were papers

7:55published and it was well established

7:57and well known in the industry that

8:00lipid nanoparticles lipid nanocarriers

8:03deposit their Cargo preferentially in


8:07ovaries and that was confirmed with the

8:10fisa products in an animal experiment

8:13performed for the Japanese

8:15Regulators so by

8:18Design these agents cause an autoimmune

8:22attack on every tissue they make your

8:24body form a well understood biological

8:28toxin that can damage

8:29multiple organs in your body and they

8:33deposited their caros preferentially in

8:35the reproductive tissues of women and

8:38girls so if you think that’s by luck

8:41then you’re mistaken there is no doubt

8:44in my mind anyone of my caliber and it

8:47is my peers that works on this

8:50absolutely understood what they were

8:52designing and

8:54Manufacturing so I think having having

8:57heard what I’ve just said that there was

8:58no pandemic and the lie was maintained

9:02in order to inject people on mass I

9:04think five and a half billion people

9:06with an intentionally dangerous

9:08substance 17 million of whom have died


9:13far what do you think is happening and

9:16what do you think your role as an

9:19individual is in stopping this crime

9:23thank you for


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