And other countries. Provisional Mortality Statistics Latest release Provisional deaths data for measuring changes in patterns of mortality… 2022, deaths up to 30 June 92,699 13,524 (17.1%) more than the historical average. In June 16,749 deaths, 2,410 (16.8%) above the historical average. COVID-19 Mortality in Australia Deaths registered until 31 August 2022… 11,441 deaths where people died with or from COVID-19 The ABS expects to receive further registrations for this period 2.7% of people who have died during the pandemic period (Total deaths = 426,302) Of the 11,441 covid related deaths Covid underlying cause of death, for 9,428 (82.4%) (disease or condition that initiated the train of morbid events leading to death) Graph, certified acute outcomes 2,013 died of other causes (but COVID-19 contributed to their death) Cancer, 26.4% Circulatory system, 24.9% Dementia 20.2% Kidney and urinary, 4.3% Falls, 4.2% Respiratory disease, 3.7 Others, 12.5% Population, 25,890,773 (31 March 2022)… 0.044% 0.036% Most common pre-existing chronic condition For those who had COVID-19 certified as the underlying cause of death Chronic cardiac conditions 95% of deaths caused by covid have other conditions listed on the death certificate On average, deaths due to COVID-19 had 3.0 other diseases and conditions certified alongside the virus Graph, most common pre-existing conditions Death due to long term effects of COVID-19 98 Deaths due to COVID-19: Age and sex Males, 5,300 deaths due to COVID-19 Females, 4,128 deaths due to COVID-19 Median age for COVID-19 deaths 85.3 years (83.5 years for males, 87.4 years for females) Graph, death by age and sex Deaths due to COVID-19: socio-economic status Deaths around 3 times higher in those in quintile 1 (most disadvantaged), than those in quintile 5 (least disadvantaged)