Pfizer expects to hike U.S. COVID vaccine price to $110-$130 per dose… Pfizer executive Angela Lukin Pfizer Inc expects to roughly quadruple vaccine price, to about $110 to $130 per dose, after the United States government’s current purchase program expires, U.S. government currently pays around $30 per dose to Pfizer and German partner BioNTech Pfizer Expects the COVID-19 market to be about the size of the flu shot market Tim Gough, 55, Radio Suffolk… Excess deaths in the young… US data… US, all ages… Tragic young death………… Gwen Casten, 17, died peacefully in her sleep in June, after eating dinner with her parents and then going out with friends for a few hours. (Congressman Rep. Sean Casten) Democrat’s statement She had just come home from an evening with friends, went to bed and didn’t wake up The Castens This past June, our daughter, Gwen Casten, died of a sudden cardiac arrythmia. In layman’s terms, she was fine, and then her heart stopped healthy 2022 teenager fully vaccinated and had tested positive for COVID-19 more than once in recent months, but never experienced symptoms. She had a big, beautiful, kind, loving heart. And it stopped, as all must China, 20th party congress President Xi Jinping…… No immediate loosening of zero-Covid strategy Zero-Covid, people’s war to stop the spread of the virus Recent weeks Tens of millions, confined home 60 towns and cities Dynamic zero-Covid, linked to Mr Xi Strict lockdowns, mass testing, constant scanning of health codes, travel restrictions Trains out of Xinjiang suspended Roadblocks Widespread reports, food and medicine Quarantine centres, family separations IDs linked to health code apps No vaccine compulsion (Local vaccines only) Professor Liang Wannian, government Covid expert panel Zero-Covid might come to an end? It’s hard to say Because one thing I am sure of is, we won’t kill the virus any time soon. We’re waiting for more effective medicines and more effective vaccines.